Residential Rekeying

Be Secure in the Knowledge that You Alone Have the Keys to Your House

Unfortunately, there’s really no telling how many people may have the key to your home if you’ve just moved in. Previous tenants may have created keys for family, friends, babysitters, neighbors, or more, and you definitely don’t want just anyone walking into your house.

That is why Abracadabra Locksmithing provides excellent residential lock rekeying services.

Residential Rekeying

Why Rekey?

Rekeying locks is a process that involves changing the locks on a door so that a new key is required to open them. This can be done for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • To improve security after a burglary or other security breach
  • To prevent unauthorized access to a property
  • To ensure you alone hold the keys to your home

Frequently Asked Questions

Rekeying locks is a relatively simple process that can be done relatively quickly, depending on the type of lock that needs to be rekeyed. We’re happy to provide an estimate on time after our initial consultation.

The cost of rekeying locks varies depending on the number of locks that need to be rekeyed and the type of locks that are being used. However, it is typically a very affordable service.

As long as the lock is not damaged beyond repair, you can rekey it. The rekeying process is more cost-efficient than a replacement, so definitely talk to us before investing in a new lock.

Absolutely, yes! Rekeying will provide your new home with a whole new level of security. It is impossible for you to know how many people obtained keys to your residence before you moved in. Your lock could also be master keyed, which means the number of keys that can open the door is significantly increased. In either case, you should rekey the locks to reduce the chances of anyone entering your home uninvited.

Even if you understand the basic workings of a pin-tumbler system, you can accidentally cause further damage to your lock. If that occurs, you may lose the opportunity to rekey your door locks and will have to get a replacement. It is better to seek professional assistance from an experienced locksmith so that you do not incur additional expenses.