Commercial Rekeying

Keep Your Tenants Feeling Safe with Rental Property Rekeying

If you are a landlord, or you run an Air B&B or a VRBO, you likely need to switch out the keys on your locks regularly. If you don’t, the safety of your tenants is at risk. Not only could you end up with bad reviews if an unwanted former guest comes walking through the door when your renters don’t expect it, but you don’t want anyone getting hurt on your property. 

That is why Abracadabra Locksmithing is always willing to help with commercial lock rekeying services.

commercial rekeying locksmith

When Is It Time to Rekey?

The best time to rekey your rental properties is between each tenant or lessee. That will ensure the highest level of safety for each guest. Unfortunately, it is far too easy for any of your renters to make a copy of the key. So even if they turn in the key you give them, they may still carry a copy. Don’t run that risk; get the locks rekeyed with Abracadabra Locksmithing rental rekeying.

Frequently Asked Questions

A lock rekey is when we change the pins in the lock itself so that the previous keys won’t operate it. This process is cheaper than completely replacing your locks. A lock rekey is great if you already like your current door knob and want a cost-effective safety solution. Rekeying is typically done after there has been a change in management or staff, but could also happen after a burglary.

Rekeying locks is a relatively simple process that can be done somewhat quickly, depending on the type of lock that needs to be rekeyed. We’re happy to provide an estimate on time after our initial consultation.

The cost of rekeying locks varies depending on the number of locks that need to be rekeyed and the type of locks that are being used. However, it is typically a very affordable service.

As long as the lock is not damaged beyond repair, you can rekey it. The rekeying process is more cost-efficient than a replacement, so definitely talk to us before investing in a new lock.

At the very least, you should invest in rekeying locks once every few years. The cost to rekey locks is minimal compared to a burglary. You should also most definitely rekey if your business has had a break-in or there has been a change in staff.