What Is Safe Servicing?

Safe servicing is the opening of the interior panel on the back side of the door to the safe. Inside the panel the safe technician has access to the body of the mechanical safe lock and can remove the lock body and safe dial. The Safe lock body is then taken to the service van, disassembled and checked for cracked, worn, broken and missing parts. At this time the lock is lubed with a special water dispersing lube which will lengthen the life of the components inside the lock body. After visual inspection of all parts inside the safe lock and dial they are then placed back on the door to the safe and checked for function and proper operation. The bolt work is then checked inside the door of the safe for proper operation and loose or missing nuts, bolts, washers, and cotter pins. At this time the technician will either reset the safe combination if you desire or leave your existing combination intact. The technician will then dial the existing combination three times at a minimum to check the operation of the safe with the door open. Then the technician will request that the owner of the safe dial the combination a minimum of three times with the door open. If everything inside the safe lock and door operates correctly then and only then will the safe door be closed and checked for loose sagging hinges that may be binding the door or frame. A safes lock and bolt work should be checked yearly if it is opened on a daily basis. It is much less expensive to have a safe technician come out and have your safe serviced yearly, then it is to pay for a safe technician to come out and drill open your locked safe.